For Mr. Putin and his friends with "love"

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Welcome to our virtual e-shop for everyone who wants to equip the Ukrainian army. Your contribution goes directly to the bank account of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic, and a specialist from the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic will use all collected funds to purchase military material and deliver it to the Ukrainian forces.

We won’t say exactly what the Russian army should expect. But here are some examples of equipment we’ve already delivered to Ukraine. Look how expensive defense against Putin’s aggression can be.

The Ukrainian army is bravely fighting against terrifying forces. Russian soldiers are committing unforgivable war crimes and preventing humanitarian aid to civilians - mothers and children. The aggressors must be stopped, and a well-equipped army is the only way to achieve it.

We didn’t start this war, but we can end it. Ukrainians will not surrender - they've already shown that. They have become a shield of peace in Europe. And so their war is ours. We just cannot remain silent.

We have appealed to world leaders, but that’s not enough. That’s why we created this website and citizens of the Czech Republic have already raised more than 40 million dollars. Join us and help us stop the Russian army. We can do it. We must do it. #wemustact