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Days of war
Wars are won with guns
The Gift to Putin project is raising funds to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression starting in the spring of 2022. We are here for those who believe that Ukrainians are fighting for all of us and it is our duty to help them.
The quickest way to help
If you donate to any of our campaigns, the entire amount will go to a specific cause. Once your donation has been sent, we will be happy to issue you with a receipt and you can claim it as a tax deduction.
Join us in supporting Ukraine
Buy our t-shirt or other items in the e-shop when you want to contribute to and support our project at the same time. We will send you the items by post in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Donate to verified collections that seek to provide the Ukrainian military with more specialized equipment or weapons. We thoroughly vet each campaign before it is released.


Support Ukraine and the project and choose something for yourself right away. We will credit the proceeds from the e-shop to the current campaign and use part of it for further development of the Gift for Putin project.

Tričko Fuck You Putin
1 968 Kč

Triko s grafikou připomínající šestatřicetiletého vojáka Serhije Sovu, který byl umučen v Izjumu. Autor grafiky: Dodo Dobrík. Sítotisk.

Rohožka s Vladimírem Putinem
1 365 Kč

Okouzlující doplněk do každé domácnosti! Díky inovativnímu použití podobizny Vladimíra Vladimiroviče Putina si každý návštěvník poctivě otře své podrážky. Šiřte radost a zastavte špínu.

Magnetka se vzkazem
499 Kč

Magnetka 5x8 cm s fotkou a ručně psaným poděkováním od ukrajinského prezidenta Volodymyra Zelenského, které poslal po reportérovi ČT Michalu Kubalovi.

Desková hra Dárek pro Putina
2 222 Kč

Desková hra, ve které musíte projít nástrahami a doručit dárek až do Kremlu. Obsahuje hrací plán, figurky, kostku a karty s úkoly. Autoři: Dodo Dobrík, Jiří Podzimek, Martin Ondráček, Petr Slabý


The Russian army has recklessly dragged war into Europe and it is our obligation to stop it. Everyone has the power to act. Please contribute, help, and share. The only thing that really threatens us is passivity.

The Ukraine Endowment Fund

The Ukraine Endowment Fund was established after a year of informal operation of the #wemustact initiative as an official organization to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

Dalibor Dedek
Martin Ondracek
Jan Polak
Jura Ibl

Address:  U Přehrady 3204/61, Jablonec n.N., Czech Republic
VAT ID: 17964687
IBAN: CZ30 0300 0000 0003 1990 2444

Terms and Conditions
Who's behind this project?
The Ministry of Defence
The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic has been behind the public collection project for the Ukrainian army since the beginning. In particular, it oversees the purchase, transport and proper use of the equipment.
Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic
We consult with the Ukrainian Embassy on the purchase of military equipment and defence material. After the campaign is completed, we jointly coordinate the purchase and transport with the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.
Dalibor Dedek
Apart from being the face of our campaigns, Dalibor is primarily the one who finances the project's background and campaign costs. He himself has donated tens of millions to support Ukraine and uses his influence as a well-known businessman to convince other donors of the need to help the Ukrainian army.
Dana Drabova
Czech nuclear physicist and politician. Her relationship with Ukraine is defined by her experience of supervising the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, during which she gained a relationship with the country and its people. Dana has been helping the project from the very beginning.