Viktor - mobile air defense for Ukraine

Putin's army is failing to conquer Ukraine, so they take their anger out on civilian targets and critical infrastructure. We are raising funds for 15 units of Viktor air defence, which is effective against drones and aircraft. We'll close the Ukrainian sky.

Dalibor Dedek
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€ 4 299 810
€ 3 809 587


We want to buy 15 pieces of the Viktor air defence system of Czech manufacture. It is a modified Toyota off-road vehicle equipped with a pair of KPVT machine guns, which are capable of effectively defending strategic and civilian targets against suicide drone strikes and aerial bombardment. But there is only one goal: to close the skies over Ukraine to Putin's murderers.


In this case, a video is better than a thousand words.

The Viktor machine gun twin is a modernised variant of the Czech anti-aircraft weapon with a pair of KPVT machine guns that use highly effective 14.5x114 mm ammunition to destroy airborne or, if necessary, ground targets. It has a robust construction and good firing accuracy - the effective range is over 2 kilometres.

The weapon is equipped with a day and night anti-aircraft sight, as well as a sight for direct fire on ground targets.

With an experienced operator, it is very effective against medium and large drones, as well as aircraft and helicopters operating at low altitudes, as well as lightly armored vehicles, enemy fortifications, and is quite devastating against live forces.

These rapid-fire 14.5 mm machine guns have a ready-to-fire supply of 300 rounds in magazines, and another 300 rounds in spare magazines directly on the gun carriage, with additional rounds carried in boxes on the hull of the vehicle. They also have spare barrels with the possibility of quick change in case of overheating.

The carrier of this anti-aircraft system is a modified Toyota off-road vehicle with reinforced suspension and a special adapter on the hull that allows firing directly from the vehicle. Thanks to its powerful four-litre engine and 4x4 drive, the Victor provides excellent mobility and the ability to move quickly, even in difficult terrain.


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