1000 special combat first aid kits
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For guys from units actively engaged in fighting Russian aggression, quality equipment for medics and personal IFAKs means a higher probability of surviving injuries and a higher chance of recovering without permanent consequences. We want to buy 1,000 IFAKs, which are used for rapid first treatment of war injuries.

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Campaign objective

To purchase 1000 specially equipped first aid kits for the treatment of life-threatening injuries in combat (IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit) for the rescue team from the organization Health Assurance, z.s. and to transport them to places where, unfortunately, the official large organizations often cannot reach, to the very east of Ukraine, even to the frontline.

What will be purchased?

1,000 IFAK packages, which include, among other things:

  • Tourniquets - tactical tourniquets to stop massive bleeding
  • Israeli bandages - a type of bandage that can stop bleeding in abdominal and limb injuries
  • Sterile wound coverings, protective eye coverings, burn coverings - sadly, much needed at the moment
  • Chest cover - cover for chest injuries
  • Decompression needles - for pneumothorax
  • Celox haemostatics - special granules that stop even extensive venous or arterial bleeding

In combat, the rule is that for everyone killed, there are three or more wounded. A wounded man often has a chance of survival, but that chance disappears with every minute without care and literally with every drop of blood lost. The loss of blood means the body is not adequately supplied with oxygen. Lack of blood causes hypothermia, and hypothermia with massive bleeding causes shock, which then kills the patient.‍

Who organizes the operation?

We have managed to connect and shield on our behalf several groups of volunteers who are trying to do the same as us - to help the victims of war, to provide them with the best possible medical care, and to evacuate those selected by local doctors to safety. These are mainly women, children, sick and injured civilians, and immobile patients. For those who stay and take part in the defence of their homeland, we bring humanitarian aid - mostly medicines and medical supplies, food, hygiene items, and other daily necessities. We always communicate with people (organizations, hospitals, etc.) on the ground, so we have a specific list of needs and what is most acute.

It is thanks to the cooperation of a more significant number of volunteers (not only from the Czech Republic, we also cooperate with volunteers directly on the territory of Ukraine) that we have an extensive range of assistance. Above all, we can take this aid to places where, unfortunately, official large organizations often cannot reach, to the very east of Ukraine, even to the front.


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A very small team from the Czech Republic is behind the project Gift for Putin. He takes care of everything from purchasing arrangements to marketing to technical solutions. If you want to help with the development of the collection abroad, join us. Glory to Ukraine!
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