$ 1 155 003
$ 2 100 000
Campaign goal

The RM-70 and 365 missiles for the Ukrainian army

Dalibor Dědek is a Czech businessman, and the benefactor and co-owner of the Jablotron group of companies. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, he founded the #wemustact initiative and the #giftforputin project

Campaign goal

Get the Ukrainian army a mobile RM-70 rocket launcher with a package of 365 rockets just in time for the spring offensive.

The RM-70 is a mobile reactive artillery weapon that allows firing by salvo and single shots. A salvo of forty missiles can perfectly plough an area of three hectares. The weapon is on a Tatra 813 chassis, the engine has 12 cylinders and a capacity of 17,640 cc ( ! ). The rocket launcher has a calibre of 122mm and a maximum range of 20 kilometres.

Technical specifications

Original name: 122 mm rocket launcher vz. 70
Service: 4Carriage: Tatra 813
Military weight: 24 000 kg
Total length: 8 650 mm
Total width: 2 250 mm
Total height: 2 960 mm
Light height: 350 mm

Type: 12
- bore: 120 mm
- stroke: 130 mm
- cylinder capacity: 17,640 cm3
- maximum torque: 960 Nm at 1,400 rpm
- maximum power: 184 kW at 2,000 rpm
Transmission: Tatra, synchronized 5+1; gear shift mech. , Normal and reduced speed
Fuel tank capacity: 480 l

Road speed: 85 km/hOff-road speed: 25 km/h
Road range: 1 100 km
Overcoming obstacles
Railing angle front/rear: 34 ° / 33.5 °
Slope: 30 °
Surpassability: 2.0 m
Depth: 0.6 mWadeability: 1.4 m
RacquetometerCalibre: 122 mm
Number of barrels or rails: 40Aim: 0° - 55°Direction: -70° - +125°
Munitions: 40 x 122-JROF (three-barrel bursting rocket round)
Maximum range: 20,380 m
Salvo area covered: 30,000 m2


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