Night vision for paramedics and soldiers from the 49th Brigade
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We need to purchase eight pieces of night vision equipment for the 49th Brigade, which includes Czech volunteers. For soldiers and rescue workers, night vision is an essential requirement for survival and success in frontline operations.

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Campaign objective

To equip paramedics and soldiers from the 49th Brigade with eight AGM NVG-50 NL1 night vision goggles. At the front, night vision is a basic need not only for the soldiers themselves but also for paramedics and drivers. The ability to see at night increases the chance of survival and saving lives.

What will we buy?

Eight pcs of AGM NVG-50 NL1 night vision goggles, including helmet mounting kit.
Paramedics will use four pieces, and soldiers will use the rest in the unit.

The AGM NVG-50 is a dual-channel night vision system. The NVG-50 uses optics that give it a wider 51° field of view with the trade-off of a shorter field of view. The NVG is constructed with a compact composite housing for added durability. The NVG can operate on a single AA alkaline or CR123A battery for up to 20 hours. It also features an integrated infrared illuminator for reading in the dark.

Campaign details

The Noctovisors will go to the 49th Carpathian Sich Brigade, where Czech volunteers and paramedics serve alongside Ukrainian soldiers. The 49th Brigade has been drinking the Russians' blood since the beginning of the war, and we have helped them obtain drones and other equipment in the past.


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