Air bridge for encircled Ukrainian troops

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Operation to deliver humanitarian aid by air bridge to the defenders and residents of the besieged towns of Avdiivka, Klishchivka, Kupyansk, and the area across the Dnieper River. We need to speed up the production of new robust drones that can deliver up to 20 kg of cargo to Ukrainian positions.

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Campaign objective

To fund the production and delivery of as many of the robust ARCZ10 "Polednice" drones as possible, capable of carrying up to 20 kg of cargo, and using them to create air bridges to surrounded Ukrainian army positions. The drones will deliver humanitarian aid, medical supplies and equipment to the defenders.

What will be purchased

As many ARCZ10 "Polednice" drones and accessories for their missions as possible. The drones will be equipped with an autopilot system, allowing control even by persons with no previous experience with drones, which will allow the drone to be operated without manual intervention. In addition, the drones will feature electronics for image transmission and improved drop site identification, including night operation, extending their operational capabilities to a full 24 hours.

Volunteers from Czech Aerospace Intelligence, a non-profit organization specializing in the development of non-centric and robotic solutions to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, are involved in the development of these drones.

The preliminary cost estimate for the production of one drone is approximately 5120 EUR including the development of powerful cargo dropping servos and other necessary components.

The drones will be delivered to Ukraine immediately and on a long-term basis.

Who is behind the project

Czech Aerospace Intelligence, z.s. is an initiative of volunteers who are dedicated to producing FPV drones, antennas and prototypes to support Ukraine, while trying to create a strong community of drone defense experts in the Czech Republic - developing territorial defense using civilian volunteers. This project not only brings immediate help to those in need, but also strengthens defenses and technological self-sufficiency in the context of modern conflict.

Aerospace volunteers have already created hundreds of drones that are flying and assisting in Ukraine. As well, they are working on prototypes and researching uses for drones, such as the use of AI, radio communications, and other sensors.

The transportation of drones to eastern Ukraine, including testing and training of the operators, is handled by the well-known VozímDrony group, which has been transporting drones for almost two years


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A very small team from the Czech Republic is behind the project Gift for Putin. He takes care of everything from purchasing arrangements to marketing to technical solutions. If you want to help with the development of the collection abroad, join us. Glory to Ukraine!
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