Drones for volunteers in Ukraine
Vozím drony
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A long-term campaign to purchase and adapt civilian drones for Ukrainian forces. Behind the project is Vozim drony team, who has imported hundreds of drones to Ukraine since the beginning of the war and has become one of the leading Czech experts on the use of civilian drones for military purposes.

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Campaign objective

With the money raised, we are buying available civilian and specialized drones in the Czech Republic and parts for their adaptation to combat conditions. All drones are subsequently modified with software so that enemy soldiers do not misuse them. Each drone then goes directly to specific units that request them through official channels. The Ukrainian military currently has the best-trained drone operators, who use them to search for Russian positions and to attack enemy troops directly

What we buy

New and used civilian drones that can withstand combat conditions. We primarily purchase DJI Mavic and Matrice equipment, spare parts, jammers, boosters, and replacement batteries. We also provide the necessary modifications and delivery of ready drones to troops on the front line with the money we raise.

Transport and handover

We purchase drones according to the requests that come to us directly from the fighting troops in Eastern Ukraine. We examine and evaluate each request and try to meet the needs of those most in need. Those who need the drone less are moved lower on the list.

For the evaluation, we work with UA organizations and individuals who know current events and troop operations well. Because we know what's on the line, we try to have drones ready so we can send or personally deliver the drones as soon as possible.

With the verification and delivery mechanism, the drones get into the hands of the soldiers themselves. ‍

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A very small team from the Czech Republic is behind the project Gift for Putin. He takes care of everything from purchasing arrangements to marketing to technical solutions. If you want to help with the development of the collection abroad, join us. Glory to Ukraine!
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