Demining equipment Bozena 5 for Ukraine

In the first Slovakian campaign, Gift for Putin, we are collecting money for the remote-controlled demining device Bozena 5, which will save lives in the liberated territories of Ukraine

Dalibor Dedek
Campaign patronage
€651 066
€643 623
7 229

Campaign objective

In the first Slovak campaign of the Gift for Putin initiative, we are committed to purchasing the top-quality demining device Bozena 5 of Slovak manufacture, equipment, and training of the firefighting EOD team in Ukraine. Bozena will save lives in the liberated territories of Ukraine, where, according to estimates, up to 250,000 km² are mined. At the same time, Bozena will be transported to Ukraine and trained by local units in cooperation with the organizations Mier Ukrajine, Aktuálne o Ukrajine, Team4Ukraine, Support Ukraine Slovakia, Post Bellum, Kto pomôže Ukrajine and Oberih.

What will be purchased?

  • demining facility Božena 5
  • conveyor
  • equipment for the firefighting EOD team (ballistic protection elements, detectors, and smaller accessories)
  • transportation to destination
  • operator training
  • firefighting EOD team training in Ukraine

The BOZENA 5 set is a remote-controlled self-propelled demining machine designed for surface demining of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. The Slovak company WAY INDUSTRIES produces it, a.s. with headquarters in Krupina.

Basic technical data:‍
Weight of the machine, including demining equipment: 12,020 kg
Maximum height in working position: 2225 mm
Maximum width in working position: 3350 mm
Maximum length in working position: 7320 mm
Wading capacity: up to 800 mm
Working speed: 4-9 km/h
The width of the mining belt: 2655 mm
Engine power: 170 kW


The project's logistics is provided by the non-profit organization Team4Ukraine,, which consists mainly of active reserve soldiers who have been helping in Ukraine since 2017. Team4Ukraine is a long-term partner of the Gift for Putin initiative and has already ensured the delivery of several devices to their destination. After successfully completing the fundraiser, Team4Ukraine will ensure the delivery of the Bozen device to the fire department in the Kherson region, which will be in charge of demining.


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