Thomas the tank for the Ukrainian army

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, we are choosing a modernized version of the T-72 Soviet tank, which will fight for us in Ukraine. We want to wrap it as a gift for Putin as soon as possible and send it to drive the Russian army out of the territory of free Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defence
Campaign patronage
€ 1 527 734
€ 1 396 848


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The T-72 AVENGER represents the Czech comprehensive modernization of the Soviet T-72 tank to a level comparable to 3rd generation tanks. The machine is improved by devices that raise its parameters, comfort and efficiency of use and increase the safety of the crew against the effects of mines or ballistic shelling, and against the effects of radiation and chemical substances.

The tank has a device for overcoming watercourses by driving underwater, a device for creating smoke screens for camouflage in the field and a fire extinguisher for extinguishing fires inside the vehicle.

The tank is designed to destroy tanks and other armoured targets, or even live enemy forces, and fight against low-flying targets. A 125mm cannon with an armour-piercing projectile can easily penetrate fifty-centimetre armour at a distance exceeding 2 km.

The tank is also equipped with two secondary weapons: linked and anti-aircraft machine guns.


Crew: commander, gunner, and driver
Engine: water-cooled twelve-cylinder engine with 840 horsepower (617 kW)
Maximum speed: 60 km/h on the road, 40 km/h on terrain
Weight: 44 tons


Night vision
3rd generation night vision with a range of up to 4 kilometres in passive mode to reduce the location exposure effect of night vision (the original T-72 model had a range of up to 800 m with an easily detectable infrared light beam).

Increased crew protection
The machine has reactive armour. In layman's terms - if a projectile is approaching it, explosives attached to the tank explode at the point of impact, reducing the effectiveness of the enemy projectile. In addition, the equivalent of about 40 cm of rolled steel armour is placed where the reactive modules are installed as protection against warheads.

Latest-generation communication system
A modern radio station and intercom with increased immunity to radio-electronic warfare enables enhanced communication with western-standard radio stations. There is a GPS module for displaying navigation data and transmitting GPS coordinates.


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