Operation Big Bada Boom!!!

We have received an emergency request from the Kord, a special Ukrainian police unit operating on the front. They urgently need 10 tonnes of plastic explosives, 10,000 detonators and 10 kilometres of detonation cord.

The Ministry of Defence
Campaign patronage
€311 410
€593 258
3 383


After consultations with experts, taking into account delivery dates, we want to send to Ukraine a new generation of Czech plastic explosives Black Dough based on PETN (pentrite) from the leading Czech ammunition manufacturer STV GROUP.


  • 10 tons of Black Dough Plastic Explosive
  • 10,000 detonators
  • 10 kilometers of detonation cord

Black Dough Plastic Explosive is easy to shape and ideal for use by engineer units and special forces that need special explosives in a variety of shapes to perform precision demolition work to destroy unexploded ordnance or for other tasks. The explosive is durable and powerful even for use underwater or in extreme temperature conditions.


The Ministry of Defence oversees the purchase and transport. The ordnance will be delivered directly into the hands of the police unit that requested it.


Every campaign that you can find on the Weapons for Ukraine website is thoroughly verified in several ways. First of all, we check the guarantor of the campaign. The guarantor must personally vouch for the truthfulness of the information, meet us personally and prove their identity. We then verify the purpose of the campaign and manually verify that the aid recipient is an existing unit that trusts the guarantor and that it really needs the equipment for which the campaign raises funds. In the case of weapons or weapon systems, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic also carry out an examination of their necessity and usefulness.