Ammunition for Thomas and his friends

People from all over the world have bought Thomas the tank for the Ukrainian army, and now he must work really hard. For that he needs ammunition, so we decided to collect money not only for Thomas, but also for his friends: Dana the Howitzer and Vampire the rocket launcher. So let's send 1000s of these gifts for Putin to Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defence
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Campaign completed

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The intensity of firing in some sections of the Russian-Ukrainian front approaches that of the largest battles of the Second World War in certain stages, due to the amount of ammunition consumed.

Ammunition is what the Ukrainians really need now, at the time of a successful offensive. The Czech Republic has this military material at its disposal, or its defence industry can provide it. The requirement for ammunition has been consulted directly with the Ukrainians. It's needed and it's needed fast. It will not stay in a warehouse for long.

Let's buy ammunition and send it to the front!


Ammunition for modernized T-72 125mm tanks (for our Thomas too).
The tank has an automatic loader with a constant loading angle. 22 shells are stacked in the automatic loader, with the rest located in the turret. The gunner can also use Czech sub-calibre anti-armour shells, which can penetrate 500 mm thick armour at a distance exceeding 2000 m. The tank carries a total of 37 pieces of various ammunition.

122mm rockets for RM-70 Vampire 4D rocket launchers
This rocket launcher can fire single rockets as well as salvos - primarily using indirect firing. It is intended for the concentrated firing coverage of large areas (up to 3 hectares in one salvo) with high-explosive fragmentation grenades. The firing is robust and almost 256 kg of explosives are used in one salvo of 40 rockets.

122mm and 152mm artillery ammunition for the Dana howitzers of the 77 model and for the D-30 and D-20 towed howitzers
Howitzers are intended to fight enemy artillery and mortars, to silence and destroy command posts, firepower and radio equipment and enemy manpower, and to demolish permanent defence structures and field defence objects. Dana has a firing rate of 4 rounds per minute when using an autoloader. The maximum range is 20 kilometres.

120mm mortar ammunition
The maximum range of these weapons is 8 km. The mortar can be transported on an additional chassis behind a vehicle or on its base, and it can be easily and quickly dismantled and prepared for firing.

Launching the shells is adjustable - you can use automatic launching when the shells touch  the ignitor, or you can launch them manually - by extending the firing pin and pulling the trigger cord.


Every campaign that you can find on the Weapons for Ukraine website is thoroughly verified in several ways. First of all, we check the guarantor of the campaign. The guarantor must personally vouch for the truthfulness of the information, meet us personally and prove their identity. We then verify the purpose of the campaign and manually verify that the aid recipient is an existing unit that trusts the guarantor and that it really needs the equipment for which the campaign raises funds. In the case of weapons or weapon systems, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic also carry out an examination of their necessity and usefulness.